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This website was never finished due to contact from the author who requested I hold off while he decided what to do about creating his own web site. I had a few very nice conversations with Mr. Horwood about it on the phone and via email. I respected his wishes, but decided to keep up what I had created, since it was created from the heart, and never had any intention of capitolizing on the good author's work, only to celebrate it, and to spread the word about the series.

Visit the official William Horwood Website and a link directly to the page on his site for Duncton Wood itself. Also, the author has a blog.

reetings! This page is the definitive online resource for the works of English-born author William Horwood. Among other fantastic novels, he is the inspired author of the brilliant six-part Duncton series, a magical, eloquent, vibrant allegory about a society of spiritual moles who inhabit a perfectly realised, richly described English countryside. The Chronicle (as the first three books are known) begins with the meeting of two beloved moles named Bracken and Rebecca in an ancient system called Duncton Wood.

The Duncton books are my favourite works of fiction, and I intend to spread the word via this Web page! Please tell your friends about these books, and by all means, read them yourself! They will change your life! I know they have changed mine.

Begin the journey...

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